Matt Yerman
The challenge

The social space is quite crowded, with over 100 unique social networks and applications all vying for your attention. We wanted to create the slimmest experience that was completely tailored to you easily making and managing plans with your friends, close and new.

The result

We did a lot of research. I mean a lot. After months of initial market-research, interviews, surveys, some prototyping and 5,678 post-it notes, we had our first MVP. The application was straightforward with one main action and two main compartments. Save ideas or make plans. Turn ideas into plans. Recieve plan invites into your inbox. Ta-da!

The rest

Being that we were a start-up launching a new MVP, there was only a limited amount of time we wanted to allot to pushing the brand. We kept things calm with ample white space and a leading serif face to differentiate us from the hundreds of social competitors out there. The logo itself was derived from friendship, the cyclical nature of planning and the idea that a full plan has many compartments.

Image 01